Posted by: | February 18, 2011

Dog treats

Have you ever noticed how dog treats can come in many different shapes, sizes and colors?

Why is that?

One thing we all know is that dogs LOVE treats. It doesn’t matter which shape it comes in – bones, sticks, large or bite-size. They just want to eat it! It’s the thrill of the reward! That is all that matters.

When it comes to dog treats, the important factor is the ingredients.

We have to know what we are putting into our dogs’ bodies. We have to make sure that they are getting the right proteins, and make sure that we’re limiting the many grains and fillers commonly included in most commercialized dog treats. Too many pets are commonly being diagnosed with diabetes or obesity from eating too many. We’re also noticing pets suffering from allergies to many ingredients found in commercialized food and treats.

As pet owners, we LOVE treating our pets well and rewarding them with treats. We have to make sure we never give them too many. It’s easy for them to consume too many calories when they’re regularly getting treats. This is why I always recommend breaking the treats up into smaller pieces. Dogs don’t care about the shape of the treat, they just want it in their mouths. If you break the treat up, they can have many rewards for the same amount of calories.

Why do treats come in different colors?

This is to attract the consumer, A.K.A. pet mom or dad.

The next time you’re in Pet Smart, watch the people shopping in the treat isle. They will pick up treats which are pleasing to their eyes. The coloring chemicals are nutritionally useless, and have no impact on the flavor of the treats whatsoever.

Many grain-heavy treats and foods often use sweeteners to attract dogs. Beware of grain-heavy foods, and sweeteners.

One last thing that I feel is important: Always look to see where the treats were made. Many countries do NOT have any regulations in place when it comes to ingredients. This may be controversial, but I always look for Made in the U.S.A. If it isn’t on the packaging, I’m not feeding it to any pet.


Tim Heise
– Certified Pet Care Specialist
Absolute Pet Care LLC
Scottsdale, AZ

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