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Dog Leash Behavior

As most of you know, pets are my true passion! Spending most of my time with pets of all kinds is a wonderful way to share my life. They give us so much natural joy, happiness and unconditional love. I’m always working to reward and repay them with the same amount of love they give to me.

Working with Absolute Pet Care LLC, we help pet owners take care of their pets by providing assistance through pet sitting, daily dog walking, mid-day visits, overnights and even live-in services. We have made our pet care services completely customizable to assist any need a pet owner will have. People often love our Pet Taxi service. Where we take the pets to their grooming appointments or vet appointments. I’ve been told that it makes for a wonderful convenience for our clients, and we’re happy to do anything we can to help them out. As long as our clients can simply provide love for their pets, we are happily capable of providing the actual work.

Most pet owners do not realize just how much they need us until after they have started using us. We not only make a difference in the new convenience for their lives, but the happiness, friendship and behavioral conditioning we provide to their pets as well. A perfect example of this is leash training.

Throughout the past couple of years, I’ve spent time polling dog owners to find out about their dog’s walking habits and daily exercise routines. I’ve found that many owners do not keep up with their daily dog walks for many reasons: No time or convenience, didn’t consider it, didn’t understand the importance of it, poor behavior (barks and snaps too much), or uncontrollable on the leash. These have been the most common replies.

It’s important to understand that dogs are creatures of habit. They are uncomfortable with change, and need a daily routine to thrive in their environment. During puppy training, I always express the importance of starting a daily routine. Once your puppy has that structure in it’s life, you will begin to see more calm behavior.

Depending on the age, size and breed of your dog, they will need between 2-4 walks daily. Make sure that you make a daily schedule for their walks if needed. Dogs have a naturally anxious energy. It’s always best for them to start with an early walk to release that energy and set their tone for the day.


The two most common reasons for poor behavior in your dog are lack of exercise and lack of socialization. Your main goal during a walk is to tire your dog out. A tired dog is a happy dog. But remember to let them get out there to see, hear and smell the world. Socialization is extremely important in a dog’s life. Smelling can be just as important as the actual exercise itself.

Make sure to take the time to leash train your dog. This can be simple and comes with daily dogwalking. It typically is a challenge for a puppy, if the person walking him isn’t experienced.

If you experience poor behavior on your daily walks, it’s extremely important to make sure your dog becomes leash trained. Leash training is vital for both you and your dog. No more pulling, barking or behaving unruly while you’re trying to control the walk.

Our most popular service at Absolute Pet Care is our daily dogwalking. Most of our clients are trapped in an office Monday through Friday and can’t always get home during lunch to let their dog out and walk it.

During walks with a professional, dogs should be trained to walk on a leash. If you currently have a dogwalker and your dog still isn’t leash trained, this is a red flag. Make sure to address this issue. Consult another professional if needed. We’re always here to help.

If you experience poor leash behavior, call a professional dogwalking service to leash train your pup. It’s a process that will strengthen the bond between you and your dog while helping to make it a better life companion as well.


Tim Heise
– Certified Pet Care Specialist
Absolute Pet Care LLC
Scottsdale, AZ

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