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First aid

As a dog walker, there’s much more than just being experienced, certified and insured. You can never be too prepared.

Working to eliminate unnecessary distractions is an important part of dogwalking, because that’s something you can control. Being responsible for a large dog who is looking to chase rabbits, cats, other dogs, people or even cars can be a tough task. Don’t make it even more difficult by adding unnecessary distractions like cell phones or ipods. During your walk, the dog is supposed to be paying attention to you. How can you pay attention to it if you’re trying to text, email or answer a phone call? Last year, while dogwaking, I came across a rattlesnake. I can’t imaging what might have happened if I had been using an ipod and couldn’t have heard the rattle.

Being prepared for any emergency is an extremely important part of dog walking. At Absolute Pet Care, our daily dog walking is our most popular service. We help many dog owners who may be trapped in an office during Monday through Friday and can’t get home during lunch to let their dog(s) out. We are constantly traveling from appointment to appointment to get the dogs out and get them walked. One of our biggest factors is to always be prepared for any emergency. We always make sure to have our dog walking first aid kits with us on each and every appointment.

No matter how careful or confident you may be, an emergency can occur at any given time. They key is to be prepared with your first aid kit, and to also know how to use each and every item included. I recommend becoming certified in pet first aid. This helps to be able to react in any emergency situation.

What should your first aid kit include? Anything and everything that you may need. Here are some of the items I keep in mine:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hot Packs

Cold Packs

Adhesive Tape

Sterile Pads


Cotton Swabs

Vet Wrap



Gauze roll and gauze pads



Saline solution


Medicine Dropper

Rubbing alcohol


Triple Antibiotic Ointment

Styptic powder






Latex gloves

Pet First Aid book

Emergency phone numbers:
Emergency clinic, vet, poison control

You may encounter many dangers on your walks; broken glass, bee stings, dog attacks (fighting), etc… The keys are to be prepared and to know what to do.



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