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Keeping Pets Safe During Halloween


Halloween can be a fun time for all of us.  One thing we need to do is make sure we keep the pets safe.

It’s easy to become distracted with so many trick or treaters coming and going.  Make sure to keep an eye on the pets when the doors are open.  Many pets have been known to rush out or sneak out the door when it’s open.  We definitely don’t want them to be hit by a car or run away.  Make sure their identification tags are current and attached to their collars in case they escape.

If you have a pet which is typically allowed outside, keep them inside until after Halloween passes.  Unfortunately, many black cats are reported missing or stolen during this holiday.  For their safety, please keep them indoors.

Some pets have been known to become more aggressive during Halloween.  Whether it is cats scratching or dogs growling.  Continual door knocking and doorbell ringing may stress the pets out.  It is best to keep them in a quiet area until the trick or treating is over.  Loud noises, lights and strangers will make anyone nervous.

Make sure to keep an eye on the candy dish.  Treats containing the artificial sweetener Xylitol are poisonous to dogs and cats.  Chocolate is a popular Halloween treat for kids, and can be very tempting to both dogs and cats.  A good place to keep chocolate is in the freezer where pets can’t find it.

If you plan on dressing up the pets in costume, make sure the costume is fitting to ensure the pets are comfortable and safe.  Costumes should not contain anything which can be easily chewed on or caught onto anything.  They should not restrict or limit movement, breathing, seeing or hearing of the pets.  Costumes are cute, but safety is most important.


Keep pets away from Jack-O-Lanterns which have lit candles in them.  They may be easily knocked over and could cause a fire.


Please feel free to add any other safety tips you use into the comments below.


Whether you plan on giving out candy, catnip or doggie treats…  Have a safe and Happy Halloween everyone!


Thanks for caring!

Tim Heise
– Certified Pet Care Specialist
Absolute Pet Care, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ


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