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Dog Safety Tip: Crossing the Street


As dog owners, or dog walkers, this is part of our daily routine.  We always put dog safety as our number one priority.  We can’t help but think, ‘Am I doing enough to keep my dog safe?  Am I doing the right thing for my dog?  What else can I do to help my dog?’

As dog owners, we are faced with choices and must make decisions each and every day.  Some big, some small, but each may play an important role in your dog’s life.

Dogs live in the moment.  They aren’t worried about last week or next month.  They are only concerned with what they are currently doing.  Training is an ongoing process that occurs each and every day in a dog’s life.  Dogs have a natural yearning for learning.  They may pick up on some things which you don’t even consider.

Dogs are creatures of habit and often fare better with a consistent daily routine.  Dog walking is typically the most common daily exercise because it is most convenient and much easier for most owners than running, swimming, etc.

When it comes to dog walking, there are plenty of dangers we face regularly.  Broken glass, traffic, loose and unleashed dogs, and the threat of diseases from those who don’t pick up their dog’s waste are just a few of the dangers we face with each walk.

Crossing the street

We recognize it as the nice gesture that it is.  It is much appreciated.  But please, when you see a dog being walked, do not motion for them to pass in front of your vehicle.

What is actually happening is that the dog is being taught to cross the street in front of traffic.  In the case that the dog is ever loose or has broken free from the lead, that dog may learn that it is okay to cross the street in traffic.

So when this happens, we can politely motion for the car to go ahead and pass before we walk the dog across the street.  It is nice and appreciated, but we don’t want our dogs to assume that crossing the street in front of vehicles is acceptable.


Thanks for caring!

Tim Heise
– Certified Pet Care Specialist
Absolute Pet Care, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ




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