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  1. Oral Allergy Syndrome – Oral Allergy Syndrome (O.A.S.) is an allergic condition occasionally experienced by folks with food allergies. Specifically, fresh fruit and vegetables are the typical triggers and it is manifested as a local tissue reaction on the person’s lips, mouth and in the throat. These reactions generally occur within several minutes after ingesting the food, but last only briefly and are rarely severe. A blood test might be used to support in identifying the offending allergen and O.A.C. is generally treated by way of a variety of over-the-counter antihistamines and epinephrine.

  2. The most effective treatment for latex allergies is total avoidance. Work together with your employer or health care worker to make them aware of your allergy. In case you ought to wear latex gloves, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly and wipe down any surfaces where latex-containing powder may possibly collect. Encourage education about latex allergies for both employers and employees. If you develop even a mild reaction, seek medical help to prevent further serious reactions. Being educated is the most essential step in preventing and treating allergic latex reactions.

  3. 1 of probably the most frequent locations to find salicylates is aspirin, as they are the primary ingredient. Most men and women who are allergic to aspirin are really allergic to the salicylates that are within the aspirin. In the event you are doing study into products that are safe for your sensitive skin, you should know that these salicylates are just about everywhere, and that it is rather difficult to avoid them. We are exposed to these natural compounds on a every day basis, in amounts much higher than in previous generations.

  4. As countless folks are well aware, allergies are a nuisance along with a debilitating condition. An allergic reaction occurs when the body’s immune system has an overreaction to a normally harmless substance. This substance is known as an allergen and frequently results in symptoms that may range from itchy eyes along with a runny nose to skin rashes and breathing difficulties. Furthermore, allergies can cause painful irritation and can even be lethal to some. This article will describe the symptoms, diagnosis strategies and treatment data for some of the more widespread allergic conditions.

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