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The benefits of adopting a senior dog



Yes, we all know how cute puppies are.  We see them all over TV in various commercials and in many print ads as well.  And that’s exactly why…  Because they’re just so dang cute!  They can sell anything.  Who can say NO to a puppy?


Well, there’s also a lot that comes along with that cute puppy face…  About 2 years worth of extreme patience, training, carpet replacing and costly mistakes of leaving chewable items out where puppies can find them.

If you’re considering adding more love to your home, look no further than a local rescue.  Senior dogs make amazing companions for many reasons.  I’ll go ahead and list a few here.  Please feel free to add any of your own, or any suggestions as well.


Senior dogs are usually the ones quickly passed by at the shelter while people are looking for those cute little puppies.  They know that your home may be the last opportunity they have before they cross Rainbow Bridge, and they will be forever grateful.  If you choose to adopt them, you will be saving their life.  And they know that.

While you may spend so much of your patience house-training a puppy, most senior pets are already house-trained and obedience trained.  Therefore, you not only save your home, but you also save yourself an enormous amount of stress in the process. 

You will also know if the dog has any behavior problems.  Shelters and rescues thoroughly screen each dog before sending it home with anyone.  It’s important to make sure the dog is going to it’s “forever” home.  They work hard to make a match of both lifestyle and personalities between dog and potential owner before sending it home with just anyone.  No one wants the dog to be returned and have to start the process all over again.

You will know how big the dog will get.  Therefore you won’t experience any surprise growth spurts and have to pay for costly upgrades like doggie doors, bowls, collars, etc.

NO MORE CHEWING!  Older dogs have already experienced the teething phase.  They won’t chew everything in sight like most puppies.  They know the difference between a toy and your shoes.  Obviously they will need toys to be provided and some kind of exercise, but just less of them compared to what a puppy needs.

Older dogs have a shorter life span.  You may want a dog, but realize that you may not be able to ensure the next 12-15 years worth of care.  A pet is a lifelong commitment.  A senior pet may provide more flexibility because you may only have a few years of the unconditional love they provide.

You’re more likely to know any medical conditions the dog may have.  Inherited conditions of epilepsy, hip dysplasia, etc., often surface before a dog enters it’s senior years.

Older dogs have a more relaxed energy level.  They don’t need four walks a day, or an hour run.  Their energy level should match yours.  They’re likely to relax with you, but also be ready to walk when you are.

Lastly, nothing matches the devotion of a dog with a second chance.  They are so grateful for the opportunity you give them.  If you choose to adopt a senior pet, be prepared for the unconditional love and devotion you’ll receive.

Thanks for caring!

Tim Heise
– Certified Pet Care Specialist
Absolute Pet Care, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ


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