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Finding a Pet Sitter for the Holidays


We all know just how hectic and crazy the holidays can be.  Worrying has become just as much a part of the holidays as family, travel, food and decorations.  The last things you need is to worry about are your pets and home as well.

The key to eliminating that worry is to not just find a pet sitter, but to the find THE RIGHT pet sitter.  A pet sitter isn’t someone who just feeds, waters and walks pets.  THE RIGHT pet sitter is NOT a friend, neighbor or relative.  THE RIGHT pet sitter IS a professional who is licensed, bonded, fully insured, certified in pet first aid and who pet sits full-time, for a living.

Pet sitters are responsible for your home as well as your pets.  The right pet sitter will have business insurance which not only covers your pets, but also your home while you are away.  Professional pet sitters work to make your home look lived in by changing the light scheme, opening/closing curtains and blinds, bringing in mail, removing fliers and door hangers, watering plants, etc.  These are all used as a home security measure to help deter burglars from breaking into your home.  Most people don’t realize just how important this role can be.  Here in the U.S., a residential burglary is committed every 12 seconds.  Also, 1 in 6 homes will be burglarized.  Don’t let this be you.  Its tough to even think about what your pet would do in a burglary situation.

Tips to find the right pet sitter for the holidays:

Start Early –

It’s never too early to book reservations.  We have many clients who return from Thanksgiving or Christmas trips only to proactively book service for the following year.  The average notice for a holiday booking is 3-6 months in advance.

If you are not currently registered with a professional pet sitting service, make sure you are registered even if you do not have any travel dates booked.  Too often, we are contacted by pet owners with an immediate need.  They do not provide much notice, but they also have yet to register with us, making their booking even more difficult.  For instance, last year on Thanksgiving Day, a cat parent called our office at 2pm explaining they needed us to come take care of their cat as they were leaving for the airport.  This task was impossible because we had not even met them, completed our necessary paperwork, or even collected a key to their home.  Please do not let this be you.

Call ahead of time.  Always call your pet sitting service prior to booking your travel dates.  The proper way to book is to call ahead to do a ‘soft booking’ in order to make sure service will be available.  Book your travel.  Then confirm with your pet sitting service to complete your reservation.  This process will help ensure your peace of mind.

Being a great pet parent isn’t easy.  But with the right pet sitting service, we can help make it easier.


Thanks for caring!

Tim Heise
– Certified Pet Care Specialist
Absolute Pet Care, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ

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