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Leash Training

Leash Training


Although we work to help our pet parent clients in many different ways, Leash Training has become one of our most popular services. 

Many pet parents want to do the right thing.  So they adopt a dog from the local rescue, shelter, pound, etc.  Many times, we do not actually choose which dog we want to bring home to share our lives with.  Our heart strings choose for us.  

As many people can tell you, from the time we see those sad little eyes peering at us through the bars at the local shelter, our hearts instantly melt with grief and guilt.  We know there is no chance of us getting out of there without rescuing that poor little one who desperately needs a new home, a new chance, a new family, a new life.

That’s when it happens…

You do the rescuing, we do the training.  

Typically what happens next is the little guy or girl comes home, has to adapt to new surroundings and new life.  We help make this transition easier on our clients.  We take the new addition out for regular walks and leash train the pups so they can become more easily acclimated to their new family.  

Many people may become frustrated during this fragile time.  They commonly experience trouble, or grow impatient with a dog who aggressively pulls on a leash or has poor leash control.  

That’s where we come in to help do this for them.  We will work with the new additions to help ease the process.  We work with pet parents to show them how to properly walk their dogs on a leash.  Depending on the age, size and breed of the dogs, leash training can take a few visits to a few weeks.  But we help get the ball rolling smoothly.  Therefore, the entire family can live together in a more harmonious manner.  

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