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How do you choose what type of food to feed your dog? – Scottsdale Dog Walker, Scottsdale Pet Sitter


It is one of the most important decisions we have to make as pet parents…  Which food do I choose to feed my kids?  

There are so may different foods to choose from.  It is not just the old ‘wet vs. dry’ debate any longer.  

Even those of us who are certified experts in pet nutrition get confused from time to time.  



Reading the labels

It seems like there are literally a million different options to feed your pets.  The key is to stick within the guidelines. 

Remember to avoid what makes food bad…  The Cheap!

Many manufacturers add plenty of cheap fillers like corn to their food.  Which is terrible for dogs.  Not only does corn not provide any nutritional value whatsoever, but many dogs have an allergic tolerance to corn.  It should be avoided at all costs.  

Location – Typically, if a pet food can be conveniently located (like at a grocery store) it is a good sign that the food is cheap and should be avoided.  

The Label – It is extremely important to read and understand pet food labels.  They can be confusing, but will generally tell you what you need to know.  The ingredients are labeled by the order of most to least.  If the first ingredient labeled is Salmon, then the food contains mostly salmon.  Beware of misleading words like ‘meal.’  A high-quality pet food will label each ingredient accordingly so that there should be little confusion. 


After you’ve read all labels and have narrowed it down to a few, there are other things to consider. 




Would you eat it?


Would you like it?  It’s hard to think of forcing your kids to eat something you wouldn’t.  Does the food contain fresh ingredients?  Or does it have an expiration date claiming it is safe for another several years?  Hard to imagine any type of food could still be quality if kept inside a can for seven years.

Is it really healthy?



Healthy just because the word is in the title?


Hmmm….  The label is saying all the right things.  How do you know it is correct?

Try searching for online reviews or joining an online forum looking for any advice from someone who knows anything about that product.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. 



Is kibble the best for my dog?

Kibble has been King for so long due mainly to the texture.  Dry food has been known to help clean the teeth while being eaten.  As opposed to wet food which is known for getting stuck in the mouth and gum areas.

Most pets tend to prefer wet food because it is soft and flavorful.  

I recommend narrowing it down to a few choices and letting your pets decide.  After all, they are the ones who have to eat it.  Make sure they get something they like.  They deserve it!



What about canned food?


Now, I want to hear from you!  What do you feed your dog?  How did you decide on the type of food?  

Do you make your own dog food?  Would you consider sharing your recipe, experiences, advice, etc.?

Thanks for caring!

Tim Heise, your Scottsdale Pet Sitter, Dog Walker
– Certified Pet Care Specialist
Absolute Pet Care, LLC
Scottsdale, AZ





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