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Why kids MUST be taught how to properly care for pets and animals – Scottsdale pet sitter, Scottsdale dog walker

Tales from the Scottsdale dog walker…


During the Labor Day weekend, I was walking a dog in one of our Scottsdale parks when I was approached by a young boy.  The boy wanted to tell me all about his dogs.

He mentioned that he had two dogs, one male and one female.  He told me a funny story about them.  However, the more he told me, the more concerned I became.

After asking him a couple of questions, I learned that his family kept the dogs outside.  In fact, both dogs had never even been inside his house.  Even worse, there was no fence at the house to keep his dogs safely on their property.  He told me the dogs came and went as they pleased.  But “they always come back home” he said.

To top all of that disturbing information I had just learned, he then told me the dogs have not been spayed or neutered.  He mentioned he overheard his parents say the female dog may be pregnant, and that they may have to take her to the pound, because they didn’t want any puppies.

If you know me at all, you know I am absolutely HORRIFIED by learning this.

There are obviously several problems going on here.  First, the dogs are not being taken care of.  Without being kept indoors, they could easily be hit by a car, become lost or stolen.  These dogs need to be kept safe from the outside world.  Far too many dangers out there.

Secondly, without being spayed or neutered, these dogs are going to cause many unwanted pregnancies.  How will they find homes for these puppies?  How will they be kept out of danger, or even the pound where they could be euthanized?

Thirdly, and extremely concerning, this young boy did not see any wrong doing, simply because he didn’t know differently.

Kids are future pet owners.  It is vital to teach kids how to properly care for pets, so they will be able to do it correctly.  When kids grow up thinking this is normal, or even acceptable, they are likely to do it themselves.  What we do not need are more problems.  We need to help create a solution.  To me, when we add a pet to our family, we are taking an oath to always keep that pet healthy and safe.


So let’s work together, teach kids how to properly care for pets, and help end this reckless behavior.

Because pets deserve better.

Thanks for caring!

Tim Heise
– Certified Pet Care Specialist
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Tim Heise

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