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Being informed about Canine Cancer can help save your dog’s life



Obviously, it is something no pet parent wants to hear about, talk about or even think about, but in order to care for our loved ones, we must be informed. 

Canine cancer will affect one in three dogs.  Do you know the common signs of canine cancer?


10 common signs of cancer in dogs:

1. Weight loss

2. Loss of appetite

3. Sores that do not heal

4. Abnormal swellings that persist or continue to grow

6. Offensive odor

7. Difficulty eating or swallowing

8. Bleeding or discharge from any body opening

9. Difficulty breathing, defecating, or urinating

10. Persistent stiffness or lameness

If your pup shows any of these signs, they should see a veterinarian without delay.

These signs could relate to a number of different illnesses including cancer.


Thanks for caring!

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Tim Heise


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