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Dressing your pets up for Halloween? Read these safety tips

Dressing your pets up for Halloween?

Yes, they look so cute all dressed up.  But not every pet will enjoy wearing a costume, so make sure they will at least be safe while doing so.


Here are some safety tips to help avoid any disasters:

1. Make sure the costume is lightweight to avoid overheating.  They will need to remain comfortable, and able to bark, meow, drink, eat, etc…

2. The costume should not include ornaments or dangling accessories which could be chewed off and possibly choked on.

3. Make sure to keep a collar and identification tags on your pet underneath the costume just incase your pet runs away.  Yes, it may clash and not look as great as without the collar.  But better safe than sorry.  Remember, your pet wants to make it home to its warm bed, and not be spooked running around the neighborhood in danger.

4. Watch their behavior closely.  If your pet seems the least bit distressed or uncomfortable, never force them to continue.  Go ahead and remove the costume and let them continue on with the party, or call it a night.  Most pets will let you know if they are uncomfortable, but it’s your job to recognize the signs.  Remember, they either need to be having fun, or need to go home where they will feel safe and secure.  Just respect their feelings if they don’t want to participate.


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