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Exactly Why You Need a Professional

There’s been an unfortunate trend going around…

For some reason,  people have been trusting their dogs, one of the most important things in their life, to amateurs, instead of professionals.

We’ve all seen the flyers on the mailboxes, the ads posted on Craigslist, the starving college students desperate to earn quick cash, the young teenager in need of extra spending money…  The list just goes on and on, unfortunately.


Yes, there are billions of “able-bodies” in this world, some who even love dogs.  However, just because someone has an able body and comes pretty cheap, that is no reason to trust them to “care” for your dog.  Professional pet care companies have the experience, professionalism, bonding, insurance, and emergency first aid knowledge to provide you with Peace-of-Mind while we care for your pets.

I’ve been working in the Pet Care business for almost a decade now.  I honestly could not count the number of horror stories people have shared with me about how they trusted an amateur to pet sit or walk their dog.  That’s exactly why dog owners (pet parents) come to professional pet care companies like Absolute Pet Care LLC.  They’ve made that mistake, learned their harsh lesson and refuse to repeat it.

Whether it was the Washington State couple who hired the 17-year-old girl to stay at their house while they were away on vacation, who came home to find out the girl sold their dog on Craigslist and disappeared, or the woman who trusted her sister to care for her diabetic cat for the weekend, only to find out her sister had the wrong weekend on her calendar and never even stopped by, or the starving college student who was supposed to be walking the dog, but was so distracted by her text conversation, that the leash slipped out of her hand, letting the dog run out into the street and hit by a passing car…

I say it all the time, I beg and plead once more…  ONLY TRUST A PROFESSIONAL to care for your pets.


When I wanted to become a professional dog walker here in Scottsdale, it was first because of my tremendous love of dogs.  I wanted to be with them, bond with them, love them, care for them, rub their bellies and feed them treats.  Yes, the desire and passion were there, but I understood that the education was not.  I had dogs most of my life.  I was already the “friend” who takes care of everyone’s dogs while they travel, so I had experience caring for pets in their own homes.  I was a volunteer at the Humane Society, so I had experience meeting dogs who were shy, frightened, anxious, timid, and a plethora of other personalities…  I’ve always had a true passion for bonding with dogs.  It’s my favorite thing in the world.  There is nothing like it.

I studied hard and worked through all of the certification courses for professional pet care, canine behavior, nutrition and pet CPR and First Aid.  Not just for my own experience and knowledge, but so I could also train many staff members as well.  We are a team of PROFESSIONALS.


I’ve always taught our staff how important it is to bond with dogs.  It’s exactly how to become a dog’s best friend after just being introduced to them.  And there is a special way to do it as well.  Every dog is an individual, and you have to connect with that individual.  Discovering that connection is an incredible honor for me.  For a dog to instantly open up and want to be my best friend…  It’s too special for words to define.


Anyway, before I get any more off the topic…  Allow me to explain my point.

Last week, I was out walking one of our dog walking clients, when I noticed something very off…  The dog kept stopping to pee.

That seems like a pretty normal thing to most people.  Many dogs are “markers” who want to cover scent with their own.  They may pee twenty times on a 20-30 minute walk.  This may seem normal for that one dog.  However, not THIS particular dog.

I’ve been walking this dog, three times per week for several years.  During our walk, she will stop to pee two or three times.  No more, no less.  That’s it!

On this walk, I noticed she stopped to pee three times before we even made it out of her yard.  And, yes, of course I keep count…  We professionals have to be the best at what we do.

By the time we arrived back to her home, she had stopped to pee 13 times in 20 minutes. Yes, THIRTEEN TIMES!  That is not normal for her.

I informed her mom, and we both agreed she needed a trip to the vet for an examination.  During an ultrasound, the vet found many crystals in her bladder and started treatment immediately.  We just saved her from having to endure the pain and cost of stones, infection, or even worse…

The incredibly relieved owner admitted she likely would never have noticed such a thing.

THAT is just another example of why you should ONLY trust a professional dog walker to care for your dogs.


Thanks for caring!

From the Best of Scottsdale, Pet Sitting & Dog Walking…

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