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New Service to Help Scottsdale Dogs

As a professional pet care company, we provide a variety of services to help Scottsdale pet parents…  We help with pet sitting when they travel, we help with overnight stays when certain pets needs us to stay overnight with them, we help with behavioral issues like training and leash training, we help with nutritional support like special diets and meal planning for pets, we help with the physical and mental health aspects of professional dog walking services, and add so much more value to the life of pets on a daily basis.

Aside from just basic pet sitting and dog walking, the ‘Midday Visits’ we provide help busy professionals who cannot make it home midday during their hectic “Monday through Friday” work life.  Since the day we opened in March of 2009, Absolute Pet Care LLC has been busy “Letting the Dogs Out” for midday potty relief.  Our midday visits consist of anything dogs may need during that middle part of the day: Being let out for relief, exercise walks, meals, fresh water, administering medicine, playtime, companionship, etc…

Well, you have asked and we have listened…

During the hot Summer months here in Scottsdale (April through October), the surface temperatures can become too hot for dogs.  Therefore we must get pretty creative with our midday and dog walking appointments.  We can sometimes walk dogs earlier in the day before the surface is too hot, drive them to a nearby grassy/shaded area for their walk, play in the grass instead of a high-energy walk, etc…  We routinely utilize plenty of tricks and ideas to help us get the job done.

However, sometimes dogs just do not need all the extra things we provide.  Some dogs don’t want to be outside for longer than a few minutes during the Summer.  For safety issues, we can’t always provide a thirty-minute dog walking appointment when it’s 115 degrees outside.  Some clients aren’t happy paying $30 for a dog walking appointment when their dog only needs a five minute potty break.  We understand this.  Therefore, we have finally added a new service to help us help you…

Introducing Absolute Pet Care’s new “Doggie Door” Service!

Here in Scottsdale, Doggie Doors can be pretty dangerous to have and should come with a strict warning.  Aside from doggie doors attracting burglars and putting your home and loved ones at risk, we also have to beware of the other dangers doggie doors can cause.  We have a great, yet highly dangerous amount of natural predators we face on a regular basis.  Everything from coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, owls, hawks, eagles, bees and more, which pose as immediate threats to our pups.  As someone who has been a professional dog walker for nearly a decade, I can tell you the birds of prey and coyotes are daily threats.  I see coyotes nearly every single day while I’m out dog walking.  I’ve seen them scale walls up to eight feet high, while they walk along the top of the walls, peering down into backyards, looking for dogs and outdoor cats.  I’ve also been told by the Arizona Game and Fish Department, “Owls hunt the backyards of Scottsdale daily, and any animal 25 pounds or less is fair game.”  Also, “in the case of starvation or dehydration, if an owl is affected and maybe not thinking clearly, an owl may attempt to attack an animal up to 45 pounds.”  Therefore, no small or even medium-sized dog may be safe from an owl attack.

Coyote, Nov 5 2013 025

Also, it’s very dangerous to allow some dogs the freedom of roaming the backyard unsupervised.  It seems like every year, dog thefts are becoming more and more common.  It’s a horrible thought that I hate to even bring up.  However, it’s the reality we all live in.  It affects all of us, because all dogs are targets.

Additionally concerning is the dog who can’t be trusted to wonder outside alone.  Even if the backyard has a nice wall to keep the dogs from digging, or a secured gate to keep them inside, there is still the risk of a dog eating something they shouldn’t; like the poor dogs on the news who were deliberately poisoned by someone because of their incessant barking, or the threat of skin cancer to the dog who will not stop sunbathing while home alone.  Either way, doggie doors have become too dangerous to be trusted by our four-legged loved ones.

Therefore, back to my original point…

Absolute Pet Care LLC now offers “Doggie Door” service to our clients…  We literally, Let The Dogs Out!


Who does this new “Doggie Door” service benefit?

  • This is for dogs who need midday potty relief, but only need a few minutes out in the backyard, instead of an actual dog walking or midday appointment.
  • Senior or elderly dogs who just need to be let out to potty, but aren’t interested in playtime or the actual walks we provide.
  • Also great for clients who are looking for a more affordable option ($19) as opposed to our midday visit or dog walking rate ($30) for our 20-30 minute appointments.

2018 is the first year for our new Doggie Door service, and so far, this has been a tremendously popular option over the hot summer days.

Click here to contact us with questions or for scheduling.

As always, THANK YOU for reading and helping make our world a better place for our pets.  Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

Thanks for caring!

From the Best of Scottsdale, Pet Sitting & Dog Walking…

Tim Heise – The Scottsdale Pet Sitter & Dog Walker
– Certified Pet Care Specialist
Absolute Pet Care LLC – Best of Scottsdale 2013 – 2017 – Pet Sitting
Scottsdale, AZ
480 560-3753 (Office Hours 9am – 5pm M-Th)

Tim Heise


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