Posted by: | February 9, 2011

Woman mails puppy

Coming from a society of people who love to sympathize, empathize, help and forgive, sometimes this can be quite challenging.
Especially for Stacey Champion, a 39-year-old Minneapolis woman who decided to send her son a puppy.
What a heart-warming story, right?
Stacey decided to put the 4-month-old Schnauzer-poodle mix into a box, seal it, and mail it to her son in Georgia through the U.S. post office.
Thankfully, postal employees became suspicious when the box moved and suddenly fell off the counter.  Postal inspectors opened it up to find the small pup panting hard inside.
Without this discovery, the puppy almost certainly would not have survived the trip without food, water or ventilation in the unheated and non-pressurized cargo area.
I am grateful to hear that she will not be able to keep the puppy.  However, even though she will be charged with animal cruelty, there’s currently no legislation preventing her from getting another puppy.
Sadly, not everyone is qualified to be a pet owner.


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